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September 15, 2022

Hi hi!! Today’s blog post is a fun one: How to prepare for your engagement session! I include engagement sessions in our packages because I truly believe they are a huge part of the process. During your session, you will get to know me a little better, see how I am behind the camera and how I pose y’all! Engagement sessions make a big impact on your wedding day because I arrive already knowing you guys and what poses are best for y’all!

I know that getting your picture taken can be a little nerve-wracking! We will make sure everything is in place and provide tips to help you both truly enjoy your session!

Outfit Inspiration :

What you choose to wear makes a big impact on your images! I always recommend coordinating colors instead of being matchy-matchy. I also recommend to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. If you don’t feel like yourself, or are wearing something that feels too big or too small, it will reflect in the images and will have a direct connection with how you feel!

I suggest couples wear two outfits for their e-sessions ( not mandatory- just adds some variety!). Always wear your dressier outfit first! For me, we usually start with those sweet romantic images and then move on to the fun ones!

Be mindful of small patterns as they cause something called Chromatic Aberration in digital images. This happens often with checkered + striped patterns that are smaller. Neutrals are always a good idea!

Clean your ring!

Your ring is a big deal! I will take a few macro-shots of your ring while you guys are changing and those detailed shots show everything. You can even just do this at home with a ring cleaner but it’s great when it’s so sparkly!

Get your hair and makeup done!

There is just something special about getting your hair and makeup done. This is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself! Professional Hair and Makeup Artists know exactly how to compliment your best features and you can walk away feeling confident and ready! They will also be able to make sure your hair and makeup last the whole session- even on those warm days!

Arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled time!

It is never fun running late! You really never know what you will run into so I always recommend planning on leaving 15-20 minutes before you have to. This allows you guys to get there a little early, hang out in the car and not feel rushed. I always arrive early too to scope out the area and make sure I am not running late!

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Thanks for reaching! See y’all real soon!


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