How to feel confident at your session!

January 19, 2022

Hey there!

Today we are chatting about confidence! This is one of those easier said than done kind of things but I am here to give some helpful tips and tricks that will hopefully help you LOVE your images!

tip #1: get your hair and makeup done

We all watch Youtube tutorials on hair and makeup, right? Some of us even watch Bailey Sarian do her makeup while she chats about a true crime story that’s been heavy on her NOGGIN. I love it and love true crime as much as the next gal but there is something special about getting your hair and makeup professionally done. Hair and Makeup Artists know exactly how to make sure you look incredible. They know exactly what to do to compliment your best features. They will listen to what you want and will make sure you get exactly that. They are able to make sure your makeup lasts long enough whether it is just an hour-long engagement session or 10 hours on your wedding day. It is also an opportunity to pamper yourself! Whenever you’re getting professional photos done, get your makeup done. Trust me, you will LOVE it. 

tip #2: be smart about your outfit choice

Picture this: you’re in your closet, trying to find something to wear. You want to look nice but don’t want to look too nice but also don’t want to look like garbage. Everything that you think might work just doesn’t. Have you been there? Cause I have and it absolutely SUCKS. Wear something that looks good but also makes you feel good! If you are uncomfortable about the outfit you are wearing, it will show in your pictures because your confidence level will decrease. I always recommend wearing neutral colors so you aren’t clashing with your person and aren’t clashing with what is around you during your session. Maybe the best option is to just head out and get something new! If you’re like me, you might not have gotten yourself something new in a while, and guess what?! Your photo session is the perfect time to! I always send out a Pinterest link with some of my favorite options for outfits but find something you feel good in and stick with it! You can always drag your SO out and make it a date night! They will (SHOULD) hype you up and provide confidence in that outfit that makes you feel like a thousand bucks! If it is your wedding day – PICK OUT YOUR DREAM DRESS! Shop around, go to different stores, have some champagne, and enjoy yourself. Do not let a family member or bridesmaid dictate what you should wear. It’s on your body all day, not theirs. 

tip #3: be open about your insecurities and trust me.

Who likes talking about their insecurities?! I certainly do not. Here is a super fun story for you. A couple of years ago, my family owned property in Dauphin Island, Alabama. We would go down for weekend trips and we always ended up at steak and shake. My dad LOVES steak and shake (Probably because of the cheap eats). I decided that I wanted to try a salad because ya know, health. As I am eating my salad, I take a bite and feel a teeny tiny piece of something hard in my mouth. IT’S A PIECE OF MY TOOTH. I literally chipped a piece of my tooth on a fork from steak and shake. WELL, now every time I smile I can see that missing piece of tooth. ( Zoom in on that pic of my smile and you will see it). I have not had a single person ask me about it but I know that it’s chipped. I know that I am insecure about it. Now, I have many many other insecurities but that is something I think about when I smile. When I get our family photos done or branding pictures for my business done, I make sure I let the photographer know and they help with this. Your photographer cannot help you unless you let us know! If it isn’t taken into account when you open your gallery, what is the first thing you are going to notice? I always ask my couples if there is something they are a little insecure about to make sure I keep that in mind when taking their images. I want you to LOVE your images and love yourself in your images. Help me help you! <3

tip #4: be yourself!

Look, everyone else is taken. So it’s kinda silly being something other than who you are. I know it is hard to loosen up sometimes. It is kind of awkward having a person you basically just met pointing a camera at you and tell you to have fun with your person. Some people like to grab a bite to eat and a drink before their session to help them relax a bit and feel a little comfier. The best images are when you are being you, not a robot! I encourage movement and laughter and joy. When a couple can truly feel like they can be themselves, we always have the BEST time.


with love, nat

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