It’s all in the details!

March 28, 2022

I absolutely love photographing details for my couples. It adds to the story of your day and they are just SO pretty! I wanted to share a couple of tips with you, not just of what to include, but also what all goes into shooting your details. Most items are delicate details and take a lot of time and maneuvering to get just right! It is truly a work of art!

Tip #1 : Put your details aside ahead of time!

Wedding Ring and Florals

Make sure you collect your details together before your wedding day! I recommend grabbing a box or a bag to put everything in. That will make sure nothing gets left behind and when your photographer shows up, you can just hand it over! Some things to include in your detail box/bag are :

  • All three rings
  • Shoes
  • Earrings/Jewlery
  • Full Invitation Suite

Some extras that you might want to include would be :

  • Something borrowed/ blue
  • Heirloom Jewlery
  • Perfume
  • Ring Boxes
  • Gifts

Tip # 2: Have your bouquet there and ask for some extra leftover blooms from your florist!

I always take photos of the bouquet on its own because she deserves her own moment! LOL. I absolutely love fresh florals on a wedding day! When I grab that box of details, I will also ask for your bouquet so I can grab some solo shots of it.

I always appreciate having a couple extra blooms from the florist to add to your detail flat lays. I promise it makes a HUGE difference and those added touches just look so dainty and pretty. Usually your florist is happy to include these at no additional charge, you just have to ask!

Tip #3: Allow time for your photographer to photograph details.

Unfortunately, the details can’t style themselves! It takes time and small movements to make sure everything is in the right place. I help my brides to create a timeline and always request 45 minutes to an hour for details. During this time, I will be taking photos of your invitation suite, rings, jewelry, shoes, bouquet, your dress, and any additional things you want to be photographed.

Invitation Suite

I hope these tips helped with your day! Have a great week!


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