Madison + Jay | Magnolia Estate | Cincinnati Ohio

September 18, 2023

Today’s blog post features Madison and Jays summer wedding at Magnolia Estate in Miamisburg Ohio! Their wedding day in early September was led by Emily and Emma and our first official team wedding. We loved all the sentimental details, the incredible support of their bridal party and just the love that radiated from their day!

Magnolia Estate in Miamisburg is a beautiful venue for really any time of the year! They have two event spaces on a beautiful property for any size event. We loved the beautiful greenery and all the light that was brought in through all the windows in the reception space!

From the Couple :

What inspired your wedding day details?

When planning my wedding, the word “Whimsical” continuously kept popping into my head. That word was exactly what I wanted my wedding to feel and resemble. Originally, our wedding colors were going to be black and white. But, after some back and forth and keeping the whimsical feel in mind, I realized that going with fun colors would match that vibe so much better! I wanted the details to be light, airy, and colorful! Reminding myself of that “Whimsical” theme is really what helped when planning the finer details of the wedding day.

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

My favorite part of the wedding day was the first look with my then future husband. We had gone back and forth on if we wanted to do a first look or if we wanted his first time seeing me at the ceremony. The wedding day goes by so fast and you really don’t have a ton of alone time with your partner. Having this first look allowed us to have a quiet, special and intimate moment with just the two of us before the craziness started! We will never forget that!

What advice would you give couples planning their wedding?

The biggest piece of advice that I can give to couples when planning their wedding is to remain true to themselves and what they ultimately want. A lot of people will have a lot of opinions on what you should/shouldn’t do for your wedding day. But, at the end of the day, it should be everything that you want even, even if others might not agree! This is a day that you will remember for the rest of your lives. Guests will only remember this day in passing and won’t accurately remember what you did/didn’t do like you will!

What was the biggest surprise on your wedding day?

The biggest surprise on my wedding day was the gift that my husband gave me. I knew that we were exchanging gifts, but I didn’t realize how thought out and sweet his would be. He wrote me a bunch of letters to open on different corresponding days. He also saved every single note I wrote him, card I gave him, and even the key he gave me to his college apartment. It was something I will cherish forever! *There was definitely some ugly crying LOL*

What was something unique about your day?

We had an ice cream truck! We went to a local Cincinnati ice cream shop for our first date. On that date every year, we celebrate meeting each other by eating ice cream! We wanted to make sure our guests got to eat some with us on our wedding day to celebrate where it all started 🙂

How was working with the NKP team?

Working with the NKP team was the absolute best! They say to book good vendors to ensure a smooth wedding day and the NKP team was exactly that. Emily and Emma were our day of shooters and were so kind and attentive the entire day! From helping put in my veil, to fixing my hair when it started falling out, and crying alongside of Jay and I during our special moments, it truly felt like I had known them forever and they quickly became my peace on the day of the wedding! I would recommend the NKP team to anyone and everyone!


View their engagement session here : Maddie and Jays fall engagement session!

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