Meet the heart behind Natalie Kathryn Photo!

March 8, 2022

Hi!! I am so excited to share more about my family. While you may never meet them, my husband and kiddo are a huge driving force behind Natalie Kathryn Photo! Being able to capture incredible moments for my couples while also being there for the important moments of my daughter’s life brings so much joy to me.

Brendan and I met as teenagers back in 2011! I moved to Kentucky in June of 2012 and he followed me here in October of 2013. We are opposites but I believe all the best relationships are. Brendan proposed in November of 2014 at the Big Four Walking Bridge in Louisville Kentucky. We are both originally from Rhode Island so we ended up getting married back home in June of 2015. ( So I totally get how crazy wedding planning can be! We essentially planned our whole wedding in 6 months from 16 hours away. I loved every minute of it.)

I found out about Ivy in October of 2019. We always talked about having kids but never planned for it and then Ivy came! Having a baby during the pandemic was not ideal but we are so happy to have her. She is a wonderful part of our lives and I cannot imagine our life without her! Being a mom makes all those parent moments on wedding days so special to me. I love capturing mom putting on your dress, capturing all those feelings and tears. I know when Ivy gets married one day, all her pictures will have me looking like a blubbering mess- and that’s ok! I also love seeing father-daughter dances and thinking of her with her daddy!

And we cannot forget our fur babies! We have three doggies who are all chiweenies and are all adopted. I strongly believe in adopt don’t shop. Milo is our chonky boy. He was our first baby and is the BEST boy. He is protective but cautious and loves us SO much. He is by my side 24/7 and is always there to cuddle with me – as long as there is a fluffy blanket nearby!

Maggie is the next doggie we adopted. They believe she was used for breeding and then left as a stray when she couldn’t keep up. She was brought to a kill shelter before woodstock animal foundation took her. We saw her at Petsmart and fell in love with her. She was hesitant coming home with us but almost immediately snuggled in with me and her new brother, Milo! She has her own quirks but is a sweetheart. She loves being outside and doing zoomies around her siblings!

Then came Noodle. Yes – her name is noodle. We obviously failed at the M names with this one. We just couldn’t really find a name that fit her. She came from a hoarder house with 40 other dogs. They were not let outside and forced to fight over the food. She has been the hardest dog to work with but is such a sweet girl. She has grown so much since we adopted her and she is Ivys favorite.

Some other fun facts about us :

  • We went to Paris for our honeymoon! It was an incredible experience and we cannot wait to go back!
  • Nat is an enneagram 8 and Bren is an enneagram 9.
  • Brendan likes Hard Rock bands while Nat almost exclusively listens to Taylor Swift
  • We both have three siblings and are both second children
  • We love travel but don’t like staying still. We like to explore wherever we visit.
  • Natalie LOVES touring historic homes, art galleries and mansions.
  • Brendan LOVES finding good quality bourbon, hearing cars go vroom vroom ( Hes gonna die reading this lol), and concerts.

So that’s a little bit about us! I truly believe we are the best we can be for each other and have grown together over the years to create a life and marriage that brings happiness! Any questions about us? Ask! We are literally an open book!


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