Megan + Blake | St James Court Engagement | Louisville Kentucky

August 22, 2023

Megan and Blake with their doggie at St James Court

St James Court has become an increasingly popular spot for engagement sessions! In 2023 alone, we’ve had four couples select this location for their session and I love how each session feels different! The time of day, weather, time of year and even outfits change how a location might look! I love all the historic buildings that St James Court offers – its really a hidden gem in the middle of downtown Louisville!

We always suggest our couples do two outfits for their engagement sessions! A few helpful reminders when picking out outfits :

  • Be complimentary- not matchy matchy! Megan and Blake killed it with their outfits! They work well together but they aren’t exactly the same – perfect!
  • Pick something you feel confident in! If you feel uncomfortable in your outfit- it will show in your pictures. You should wear whatever makes you feel like a stunner! We recommend two outfits – one that feels a little more romantic and dressy and then that says ‘casual date night’!
  • Megan and Blake had one bold palette outfit and then one neutral palette! This is a great option for a good amount of variety in your photos!

They also brought their two pups which I always love! When bringing dogs, we always recommend having a family member or friend hang out with them until we are ready to roll and bring lots of treats! Doggies have no clue whats going on when you’re wanting them to sit for pictures so we always recommend to work at their pace! Sometimes one dog might be a little more excited about all the new smells and that is totally ok!! We love them either way <3

Thanks for checking out our blog! See ya real soon!

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