Matt + Madeline | The Carrick House | Lexington Kentucky

December 22, 2023

A Carrick House Wedding, Lexington Kentucky Wedding Photographer

The Carrick House Wedding | Lexington Wedding Photographer

Happy Friday, friends! I am thrilled to share Matt and Madelines winter wedding on the blog! They got married at the Carrick House just a few weeks ago and it was a beautiful day from start to finish. I had to condense my picks for the blog post multiple times so it wasnt too overwhelming! Not only was it a beautiful day but Matt and Madeline are the best.

Watching the two of them together on their wedding day was absolutely wonderful and they didnt leave each others side if they didnt have to! They shared in each moment of their day and danced the night away. They finished their evening with a last dance and sparkler exit filled with happiness and all the feels! This Carrick House Wedding was one for the books!

A little about the venue : If you guys are looking for a classic and timeless venue nestled in the heart of Lexington Kentucky – this is it! The main house takes you back with the architecture, wallpaper, molding and all. I wished I had taken a few more portraits inside before their ceremony because it is absolutely gorgeous in there! Upstairs has ample getting ready space for the whole bridal party! The new section of the house is where their reception was is flooded with natural light and the neutral walls allow for clean light even with flash. If you are having a Carrick House Wedding, count me in!

From the bride and groom :

What inspired your wedding day details?

The time of year had a big impact on our details – getting married in December you have to thread the line between winter wonderland/holiday festive and Christmas. I love dark green so we tried to focus on dark green and white so it was wintery without being too Christmasy. As far as what we wore I think a lot of our inspiration came from our venue, the Carrick house is super elegant and Matt and I wanted to lean into that with the pearls and fur on my end and the white dinner jacket on Matt’s.

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

Bride: my favorite part of the day (other than the getting married part) was our first look! I at first really didn’t want to do a first look and after going through the day I am SO GLAD we did one! It was just so much fun to be able to be with Matt and actually talk to each other and spend so much more time together than we would have if we hadn’t have done that. It also really calmed me down – our schedule had gotten a little wonky through the morning and once I saw Matt all those anxieties and not fun feelings just totally went away! Groom: My favorite part was finally being to see everyone and celebrate with those we invited. I was so excited and happy to join everyone at the cocktail hour and reception. With Madeline by my side I think we both had a sort of confidence to being at our wedding and it felt good having so many people there to celebrate us.

What advice would you give couples planning their wedding?

Just making sure you save some time to actually hang out with each other on your wedding – it’s such a busy day and you’ve invited all of these people that you feel obligated to spend all of your time with but at the end of the day it’s about the two of you getting married and you deserve some time to just celebrate that together!

What was the biggest surprise on your wedding day?

My dad surprised us with a Nuremberg Bridal Cup during his speech! Matt and I are both of German heritage and Matt also majored in German in college. My parents have one of these cups that they had got on an anniversary trip so when my dad was giving the speech I thought he was using theirs but then when we got back to our table I realized it had our names on it so they had got us our own which is super special and we can use it on special occasions and anniversaries to come!

How was working with the NKP team?

An absolute dream!! I cannot imagine being in better hands – the whole team was so great – Natalie totally helped me stay grounded and calm and get the things I wanted done done and then Emily was so great with the guys and got such awesome pictures I cannot wait to see all of them – it was also so fun to have Natalie’s husband with us for video we’re so excited to have some videos from the day!

Vendor LOVE

Venue : The Carrick House // Photographer : Natalie Kathryn Photo // Coordinator : Great Expectations KY // Florist : Great Expectations KY // MUA : Madison Rose MUA // Hair : Maddie Woff with Beheld // Getting Ready Airbnb : The Statesman // Cake : Tinkers Cake Shop // Catering : Lundys Catering

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