Where do I get ready for my big day?!

January 24, 2022

This is a great question! There are many many options. When it comes to getting ready, you want a space that is not only cozy and relaxing but also somewhere that’s pretty for pictures! At least that’s what I look for! Here are a couple of ideas that will make getting ready for your wedding fun!

1. Parents house or your house!

Bride and Bridesmaids from a December wedding in some of the BEST cozy pjs I’ve seen on a bridal party!

Getting ready at your parents house or your own creates a certain comfort that I truly cannot describe. You know where everything is (or mom does), so you aren’t spending time running around looking for something. Your animals will be right there for you and you can cuddle with them while you get your hair done. Whats better than that?! You and your bridal party can leave some things there if needed. This is super helpful when you guys are trying to get everyone in a vehicle to head over to first look or ceremony. You don’t want to be scrambling around to get things cleaned up for check out! Make sure you leave a space with a window clean and ready for pics of your mom putting on your dress!

2. Hotel or Airbnb!

Getting ready at an Airbnb in Louisville KY near NULU!

I love when my brides get ready at an Airbnb or hotel! Most have awesome natural light which I LOVE. I always recommend my brides get the night before and of their wedding so they can have a little sleepover with their best gals the night before the wedding! Having the night of booked as well gives your bridal party a place to keep their things, no quick check out, and gives a spot for the bridal party to crash after the wedding! When one of our best friends got married, everyone came back to the Airbnb. We hung out, got pizza, and reminisced about the day! It was so fun! If you’re getting married and not sure which one to choose, ask your photographer! I even have a list on my airbnb account that I send to my brides with some great options! (Lots of natural light, plenty of space for everyone and comfy looking!)

3. At the Venue!

Your venue may have a bridal suite on property grounds for you to get ready! This is a perfect option so you are able to arrive at your venue and not worry about jumping from place to place once you’re ready. Make sure your bridal suite is big enough for your bridal party to all get ready in! I have seen many bridal suites that are teeny tiny! Everyone tries to squeeze themselves in and feels a little cramped! Some brides decide to get ready and then get into their dress at the venue. Make sure your bridal suite has windows so we can get some lovely images of you getting your dress on!

Wherever you choose to get ready, make sure you feel comfortable and happy! This is one of the biggest days of your life, you want to start it off fun! Find somewhere where you are comfortable and can relax around your best friends!

xoxo, Nat

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